Persuasive Essay: Good Players Should Play

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Good Players should Play

If you play a high school sport, or a sport in general, you would want to win right? The only way to help increase your chance of victory, is for the coach to play the best players. Normally, when you play a sport, you want to win. The sport is much more enjoyable when you win more than lose. Although some people believe that everyone should get equal playing time, some kids don’t deserve to play. If they mess around during practices, and they don’t put the work, they shouldn’t be playing. Kids that are in sports, are normally competitive, they want to win. Life isn’t fair, you can’t always get what you want. Coaches should play the best players because, they want to win, some of the kids don’t deserve to play, even if they are good, and because life isn’t fair, not everyone should get to play.

Typically, when you play a sport, you want to win right? Winning normally makes the sport more entertaining, instead going out there expecting to lose. To win, you need to play the best players. “Victors are given the credence and respect to voice their views
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People believe this because they feel as if it is unfair, and rude. Which it isn’t. Although, unequal playing time seems rude and unfair, it really isn’t. If you want to play, then you will work to improve your skills, and you when you do get playing time, you will make the best of it. “They harbor favorites and these individuals always seem to get more playing time than others who are far more deserving.” (Competitive Edge). The quote shows that most high school coaches pick favorites, and play the “favorites” over more deserving and talented players. All in all, the best way to earn more playing time, is to improve yourself, in hopes that your coach will notice. The coach should not have favorites, and if they do, that removes the fun for
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