Good Practice In Caring For Older People

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L1: Know about the Ageing Process.
1.1: Describe the physical, psychological, social and emotional changes that an individual may experience as a result of ageing.
Aging is another stage in the human life. It is synonymous to other life stages like childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The process of aging affects all people differently and is highly dependent on genes (hereditary), attitudes and lifestyle (CPA, 2009).
The aging stage can be further classified into three phases that is:
‘Entering Old-Age phase’ this may include people from the age of 50 years to those in their retirement ages to about 65 years.
The ‘Transition phase’, where the aging transition from a healthy and active life into frailty. In our case Grace who is 83 years
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4.1: Outline the features of good practice in caring for older people, including specific techniques or adaptations relating to their age.
For Michael the first key step is to seek his consent on the decision about moving to a home care facility because at the moment he is competent to make a rational decision.
Good practice should ensure that the person is competent to take the decision.
He should act voluntarily: Michael needs to voluntarily agree to move a home care without being forced or pressured.
He should be provided with sufficient information to help him make that decision: Michael should be given sufficient reasons why it is unsafe and risky to live alone given his condition as he falls often meaning his physical health is deteriorating and given that he lives alone with no close friends and family to check on him, it poses a huge risk both to his health and life.
The hospital staff should therefore inform the local ageing agency so that they may get a professional who may adequately highlight to Michael the reasons why it is safe to be in a place that is monitored.
With highlights to:
• The availability of Homecare
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