Good Role Models In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In a world like today’s, finding a positive role model to emulate can be very difficult. As the world becomes more connected, children have access to so much more information. They are able to keep up on the latest on all sorts of things, including celebrities. It is becoming more common for children to look up to celebrities rather than people in their own communities. Boys who dream of becoming a professional basketball player probably look up Lebron James or Kobe Bryant and girls who want to grow up to be a famous actress probably keep up to date with Angelina Jolie and all her upcoming movies. However, many celebrities seem to think that it’s okay to break the rules and that is where kids can be misled. They can learn that it’s okay to swear because their role model does it or it’s okay to drink because they do it, but it’s not. In the 1930’s, kids only knew what they saw, so most of the time their role models came from their hometown.…show more content…
Maudie. Ms. Maudie was a very kind woman and she was definitely someone who cared very deeply for Jem and Scout. In the beginning of the novel, Ms. Maudie was seen as the Finch’s neighbor who spent most of her time tending to her azaleas and conversing with Jem and Scout. Later on, Ms. Maudie’s house burnt down in a fire and her reaction was shocking. Instead of mourning over her loss, she managed to look at the bright side of life and she began to plan about how she could have a smaller house and a bigger garden for her flowers. Furthermore, Ms. Maudie was quite similar to Atticus in her ways of thinking. Ms. Maudie did not discriminate like the rest of Maycomb nor did she believe or follow the gossip that went around town like the rest of the women. She voiced her opinion, even of she was the only one who felt the way she did and she never promoted violence in any way. Ms. Maudie was like family to Jem and Scout, and therefore, Ms. Maudie is undoubtedly a positive role
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