Good Samaritan Home Case Summary

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After reading the Good Samaritan Home case, I believe it would be classified as criminal and civil case. Criminal law is considered a wrong doing against society and civil law would be considered wrong between individuals. With this case, I believe it would be criminal because of all the state laws that go in together with running a facility like this; the state and people of the county would have to get involved. Not only by talk or reading the news in the newspaper but also by attending jury duty. I also think this case is civil because the family of the abused/neglect could press charges. With civil cases there will be fines that will be paid to the family of the victim. Since I believe this case will be both criminal and civil; the criminal trail will be help before the civil. The nursing aides that were involved with the Good Samaritan Home case are being charged with verbally and physically abuse to the elderly patients and neglect. I believe the intentional torts these aids committed are assault and battery, false imprisonment and fraud. Assault is a threat being given verbally and battery is the actual physical harm to the person. False imprisonment is when the patient is getting hold against her own will. With this case, I’m sure the patents weren’t doing what the wanted to do which cased the…show more content…
Duty- based is the “approach to ethical dilemmas that maintain the certain life obligation should be of primary focus in a person’s everyday life. Those obligations should take priority over others.” I believe its this approach because when in a nursing home you expect good care and to be taken care of. Nobody likes to be at a hospital but when you’re there you expect respect. That being said, the nurse aids should have kept the patients clean and well taken care of. Most importantly, they should have respected them elderly or
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