Good Supervisors: The Difference Between Good And Good Supervisors

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People enjoy working when the conditions at the workplace are pleasant, everything from commonplace things such as air conditioners to enjoyable relationships with fellow employees. Along with other factors that impact synergy and quality of work. However, one critical aspect is the supervisor or manager. It is not unknown that supervisors are often challenging to deal with at work. Many of them are pressing, authoritative and lay the burden of their work on their employees. There are also many supervisors that can maintain productivity at high levels, support their employees, treat them as equals, are compassionate, and are great to work with. This essay is going to attempt to understand the differences between good supervisors and the crummy ones.
A lot of times supervisors may view their employees as a personal assistant. Some supervisor may from time
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A good supervisor knows the weaknesses and strengths of their employees, accepting of ideas, encouraging, and cares about the team and the work. Crummy supervisors may be highly skilled in their job, but often lack the personnel management aspect of the job. These supervisors tend to get things done through intimidation rather than inspiration which another difference between the good and bad supervisors.
This does not mean that a good supervisor is pleasant and has a “bleeding heart” for their employees, and a crummy supervisor is one who is overly critical and demanding. A good supervisor can possess all the traits of a crummy one. The difference that a good supervisor can control and place restrictions on themselves, so they don’t get carried away. In other words, many of the bad things a crummy supervisor might do can be an accomplishment by a good supervisor. A good supervisor uses these tactics only when it is necessary and knows when to stop being overbearing which is the opposite of a crummy

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