'Good Vs. Evil In Beowulf'

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A battle between good and evil shows apparently in “Beowulf”, the very first epic in our literature, was written way back in the Anglo-Saxon centuries. Character Beowulf is a significant hero, who have supernatural power and was admired by everyone. Meanwhile, Grendel is described as a pure evil monster, a descendant of Cain-the one who was cursed by God, and fed on thousands of human to stay alive. The theme of good against evil is popular and common in the world of literature, and “Beowulf” is believed to be the first great epic with that theme. As I read the epic, and carefully look between the lines, I discovered the interesting hidden stories behind each character. Beowulf is the strongest men on Earth in the story, who had the ability to defeat the unbeatable monster, Grendel. Surprisingly, there…show more content…
Look at the story in Grendel’s eyes, since his father is assume to be a murderous monster, it's influence him to be one too, it's fate which pushed Grendel to be a dangerous monster. “The Almighty drove those monsters out, their exile was bitter, shut away from men; they split into a thousand forms of evil…” this line clearly highlighted the fact that he was shut away and so on turn evil like his dad. Lived in the forest and “haunted the moors, the wild marshes, and made his home in hell”, where its misty and dirty, he wasn't accept by anyone so it's the life he had faced with. Hatred in his heart rose as others live happily while he's the innocent one and had to become the outcast. Therefore, making the king who protected by God suffer like how he's is his goal, he killed and fed on the King followers to revenge. To sum it up, Beowulf’s an amazing, brave warrior but to conclude the battle between the good and bad in this epic is not realistic and unfair, since Gendel is a tragically misunderstood outcast, who is forced and pushed to the limit of a human to become a evil
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