Good Vs. Evil In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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The novel, Dracula, had various themes present in the novel some including “Good vs. Evil”, gender, and the consequences of female expression. My creative response portrays the themes of this novel as well as other main parts in the books through the variety of parts and colours I used. The black box represents the “boxes of earth” which Dracula must sleep in when he is powerless during the day. In a way, it was one of his most prominent weaknesses which lead to his downfall at the end of the novel. I painted the box of earth, black on the outside and white on the inside to illustrate the theme “Good vs. Evil” since black is usually known as a colour of evil and darkness, and white is known as good and light. The reason why the white was on the inside was to…show more content…
I placed the red sand at the bottom of the “box of earth” to represent all the blood that was taken by vampires as well as the death of the few characters in the book. I had chosen to use sand since it was dry and I could show that it was old. Along with the red sand, there are red and black roses placed at the bottom of the box. The pure red roses represent purity and cleanliness which the black roses represent evil and impurity. These roses symbolize the theme of “the threat of female expression” and sex. In the Victorian age, women had to be either a virgin or a mother/ wife or she was considered a “whore” if she was neither. In addition, when Lucy transformed into a vampire, she had already been infused with the blood of 3 other men than her husbands. This was seen as a sexual practice and given Lucy an impure status and she was to be killed to return to a more socially acceptable one. The three black flowers at the bottom also represent the three vampire sisters, which were often described as “voluptuous.” On top of these roses is a Barbie doll which represents a standard of beauty women were expected to have. I have placed it on top of the roses to also
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