The Hobbit Film Techniques Analysis

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TASK 1: FILM STUDY ESSAY Lord of the Rings (2001-2003) and the later released The Hobbit (2012-2014) are fantastic fantasy adventure films directed by Peter Jackson. It is obvious that the underlying theme is the continual struggle between good and evil, but the techniques that Peter Jackson uses make it easy to identify between the contrast of good and evil. In this essay I will be talking about the techniques that are used to make the difference clear between the good and evil forces. For reference to identify between the good and evil, I will be using the Dwarves and Orc’s. The Orc’s are portrayed evil by the way the camera shots are taken. Often the camera shots are used to contrast between the good and evil. The camera shots that are…show more content…
The Orc’s walk with a hunched back, the way they walk can also be referred to the same way that an ape walks. We see this when they are running through the forest and are basically running on all four limbs. The way they speak to one anouther can also be considered animal like. Azog the defiler does this in the scene when the messenger delivers him a message. The dialogue include lots of grunting and screeching, in the end Azog kills the messenger and says that meat is back on the menu. The dwarves are far more civilised. Not only do they walk like evolved apes but they are also well educated and mannered in the way they speak. This can be seen by the way Thorin Oakenshield deals with his indifferences with other people by communicating until the problem is resolved, not like the Orc’s that just kill each other if they have a problem. The techniques used by Peter Jackson makes the LOFR and The Hobbit one of the best movies to clarify between the good and evil forces. To show the clear contrasting between the good and evil, special techniques had to be used, like sound effects, body language, dialogue techniques, lighting, camera angles and shots. All these techniques however show that the forces of good and evil are genuinely
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