Good Vs. Evil In Percy Jackson's Camp Half Blood

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In this book, Percy Jackson, the main character, has to deal with good vs. evil mainly throughout the whole story. He has to go in an adventure to find a way to save his favorite place, Camp Half Blood. Not only that, but also he has to save the lives of the people he loves, the people around him. He puts himself through great danger and risks his life showing true heroism. The book begins when Percy Jackson is asleep and having a bad dream of his best friend, Grover who is a satyr, in the dream he sees his best friend running away from a hideous monster. Grover tries running away and finds a vacant and worn out store to hide in but the monster still gets to him and takes him away. This foreshadows a problem where his friends are in trouble.…show more content…
From there on, Percy knew that he needed to save the camp by finding a Golden Fleece that could cure anything that is laid on. The next day, Percy, Annabeth, Tyson and Clarisse, daughter of Ares, started the adventure to go find the Golden Fleece and also find Grover. Hermes, another director at the camp, gave them a gift that was going to help them throughout the quest and they called Hippocampi who helped them get to the cruise ship where they found Luke, works for Kronos, he captures them and holds them hostage. He finds out that Luke had the Golden Fleece with him. They escaped in a lifeboat and meet with Clarisse and when they found her, they saw that they were in trouble because they were inside a whale's stomach and they had to get out of there by destroying the whale's stomach. Finally, they got out and they found the island where they found Grover. When they were getting to the boat, they find out that Luke was also there and had the Golden Fleece. They fought until a big fiery monster came out of the treasure chest where the fleece was and Percy with his sword defeated the
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