'Good Vs. Evil In Station Eleven'

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When thrown in a unique situation, how one reacts may not reflect their normal social behavior. In fact, it may push an individual to react in a way that could be deemed negative, regardless of having a genuine and positive nature. In the novel Station Eleven written by Emily St. John Mandel, the author explores the conflict desires between good and evil in a post- apocalyptic world. Mandel shows the conflict between good and bad through the characters of Kristen, the Prophet and the boy. Kirsten Raymonde is portrayed as a strong willed, fierce young woman. She is a complex character who we watch develop over the course of 15 years. We are first introduced to Raymonde when she is just 8 years old and was part of a Shakespeare production entitled King Lear. Kirsten had a great deal of respect for…show more content…
People like us.” “What do you learn, ‘people like us’? “People who were good, “Tyler said. “People who weren’t weak.” (260) Similar to the thoughts of his mother Elizabeth, Tyler has strong beliefs that everyone has a purpose in life and God will erase those who are not worthy or deserve to live. We notice a change in the Prophets character as he becomes more and more invested and influenced by the religious group. In fact, he manages to take complete control and convinces everyone in the airport that they will be safe. This is one example of how he manipulates people: “My people and I, “he said, “when we speak of the light, we speak of order. This place of order. People with chaos in their hearts cannot abide here.” Here, the Prophet feels that he has been given the responsibility by God, to take control of the people on earth. His rational thinking has become distorted as he has become consumed with power and evil, committing numerous murders such as raping innocent women. Unpredictably it is a young boy who is part of the Prophet’s group who kills the evil man. He had been a part of the group and initially considered to be a worthy
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