The Importance Of Work Ethics In The Workplace

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Abstract Since every year fresh graduated is looking for jobs, opportunities of finding a good job are getting a high competition. Each company has their own methods in choosing people to work for them. Each company has different exams and interviews some of them are similar to each other, they do it for a lot of people at the end some of them are chosen to be hired to work in the company. A fresh graduated student before he goes and apply for this exams, he must do some research to get knowledge and also to know the company better, this it will make it easy for him because he knows what he is doing. In our days only a few companies are giving chance for new graduated student to be hired and work for them, and the other parts are required…show more content…
The good work ethics is the main important point to be successful in the business. Every worker from manager to beginner worker should have an excellent work ethics to keep the company at its top. First of all the main important factor in work ethics is Discipline it take certain time to finish the work, an employer with a good discipline stay focused in his task These employees show a high level of dedication to the company. Second Sense of Teamwork, since that the most of workers must work together to complete tasks that are given by the company, an employee with a high sense of teamwork helps his team to deliver the work in time. Third Emphasis on Quality, some employees do the minimum work, they don't care if about the quality of their works, and this should not be done. Workers should go to work on time each day, because arriving at your work late everyday, this attitude tell the company that you are not committed to your job. Also an employer can evaluate his works to build a strong work ethic, you must identify your weaknesses and create a plan that can improve your weaknesses and eliminate them. At the end this is some of the best advices to build a strong work ethics, however their is a lot of them. Conclusion As a new graduated, it is important to know our future, in addition of that every employer should do research about the company that he get hire in it. Work ethics is the most important part that a worker should have, without it he won’t be a successful employee and maybe he will get fired because of that. The employer should make a plan crier before he start his work, and he should learn from his mistakes and take advantage of his knowledge and experience when the time
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