Goodbye To Racial Mascots Research Paper

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Goodbye to Racial Mascots: California Bans the Use of “Redskins” in Public Schools Oct. 11 marks the victory of a statewide movement to prevent a racial slur from public use. On that day, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the ban on using “Redskins” as team names or mascots in public schools. The bill was well received by the majority, and many expected that this would set a good example for other states and the next generation. Without a doubt, the term in question — referring to the brutal crimes that British colonizers had done to Native Americans — is a racial slur that many Native Americans have long found offensive. However, when it comes to something as prestigious as the Washington football team or as intimate as a tradition of Amherst College. The change of mascot becomes extremely controversial and no longer a black-and-white issue. It is said…show more content…
People emphasize on “context,” saying, for example, that “Redskins” are not initially created as a derogatory name, and that “Lord Jeff” should not be judged by today’s standard. These comments are certainly off the mark since this is exactly the reason these issues are raised today when public awareness has accumulated to a point that the injustice is no longer tolerable. What we make connection with should be the substance itself — the team members, the details in our memories, the sentiments and personal bonds — rather than a simplified and superficial icon, let alone a negative one — a stigma of our dark history. No one at this point can judge with full confidence whether the change of a tradition lead to a brighter future or not, but when we look back at many radical changes that we had made to our traditions, we might feel grateful that we finally become what we are — not because of the adherence to every single tradition but all the changes we were able to
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