Goodlife Fitness Jump Observation

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The little girl I chose to observe was just over one and half. I did my observation at the Goodlife Fitness Jump program on Tuesday, October, 20, 2015. Around 6:15 her mother brought her in and sat her down at the picnic table with her snacks. I started paying extra attention to her because she was eating her gummies quickly. I’d noticed that she had put two in her mouth so I moved closer, she then proceeded to shove the entire package in her mouth in about two seconds and gave me an incredibly confused look when I tried to stop her. I watched her carefully chew for about five minutes before she gave me a small smile and tried to open her crackers. She looked back and forth between the crackers and me before holding them out to me. I took this…show more content…
She came back, picked up her last snack and held it out to me to open for her. I passed her the cookies and she took them to the slide. She went up the steps and sat on top in the corner while slowly eating the cookies. When they were gone she slid down the slide and went over to the books. She brought me a book so I went over to sit on the foam blocks to read to her. I noticed that the entire time I was reading, she was watching a little boy play with trucks near us. When I finished reading she went over and picked up all of the other books on the shelf and brought them to me. They consisted mostly of animal books that involved many textures and flaps inside. She picked one up but the little boy came over and took it from her. She immediately got another booked and started saying, “Read kitty.” I understood that this meant that she wanted me to read the book with the kittens on it, and seeing as it was the only book she actually asked me to read, rather than just letting me pick from the pile, I feel confident in thinking she is interested in cats. I read a few more books until the little boy took another one and tried to sit between us. Once he sat down she got up and ran across the room and after she left he turned and climbed up the blocks to the slide. This was the only time she acknowledged anyone else in the room other than me right up until about fifteen minutes before

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