Goodman Brown Narrative

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I rarely remember my dreams, but in the past I have had a few nightmares that I still remember today. One day my family and I were at our beach club in Long Island and it was a nice sunny day. Everything was normal until a huge cloud came over the beach and the wind began to pick up. Within a minute it was down pouring and a thick fog made it almost impossible to see. After a while of sheltering in my cabana the storm began to move away and the fog lifted. I remember it was just me and my family and everyone else disappeared. I went outside and walked down to the beach where everything was gone, the beach was empty and the ocean was flat. Suddenly the tide began to recede, I looked up and moving out of the fog was a massive wall of water coming…show more content…
What Goodman Brown witnessed that night was all a dream and the experiences in his dream affected his reality. When Goodman Brown said goodbye to his wife before he left for the woods he was awake, but when he ventured off into the woods he fell asleep. Goodman brown did not know if what he witnessed was a dream or reality and it is why he now has no trust in anyone and believes that everyone is now evil. In the story Brown never mentioned anything about the night to anyone. If he were to ask, he might have realized that it was a dream. Still Goodman Brown cannot forgive the townspeople and now lives the rest of his life in gloom and fear. Goodman Brown 's actions after the night prove that dreams can affect one 's reality. What caused Goodman Brown to dream about what he did is unknown. He loved his wife and he trusted that no one he knew worshipped the devil. Brown believes in the goodness of everyone until told otherwise by the…show more content…
When discussing whether dreams affect our reality a study by a Neurologist named Patrick McNamara “found that [insecure] students reported having more dreams every night”. This also includes dreams that are much more “morbid, intense, and traumatizing” (1). This helps prove the point that dreams can impact people 's reality. This article also mentions how a study that asked “147 students to fill out a questionnaire every morning when they woke up for 2 weeks”. There ended up being a “strong connection between the number of nightmares a student had each night” and how they were during the day. It found that the people that had more nightmares, had worse evaluation (McNamara 1). All this evidence helps prove that dreams affect our reality, but does reality affect our dreams? This is an important question because it is the actions that people make in the past that influence dreams and it dreams influence people 's reality. Basically the first part of the question ties into the second so there is no right or wrong answer. Everyone will have a different response because no person can dream about the same thing. People 's past actions influence their dreams and it would be insane to say two people have the same pasts. Therefore, some people 's dreams will influence their reality and
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