Goodman Brown Symbolism

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Young Goodman Brown, is a layered story, with hidden meanings and symbolism that effectively strengthens the message behind the writing. The author, Nathaniel Hawthorne, uses symbolism as a creative technique to allow the audience to interpret the story, resulting in multiple analyses of the events in the story. Throughout the story, characters, objects, and the setting act as symbolic additions. The character Faith is an archetypal example of symbolism in the story. Her name, pink ribbons, and dreams have a significant role and meaning in the story. A story that revolves around an undeniably grueling decision, is perfect for a character named Faith. Goodman Brown 's’ wife, represents a type of purity and hope that is the basis of the…show more content…
Finally, Faith’s troublesome dreams in the beginning of the story are example of symbolism as well as foreshadowing. When Faith is attempting to stop Goodman Brown from going on his errand she states, “Pr’y thee, put off your journey until sunrise, and sleep in your own bed to-night. A lone woman is troubled with such dreams and such thoughts, that she’s afeard of herself, sometimes.” Faith’s concern about her dreams is a symbol of the upcoming evil that would occur, and change Goodman Brown’s life forever. She consistently tries to stop Goodman Brown from going on his errand, signifying that something in her dream foreshadows what will happen later. Goodman Brown also explains, “ She talks of dreams too. Methought, as she spoke, there was trouble in her face, as if a dream had warned her what work is to be done to-night.” Later in the night, Goodman Brown witnessed many horrors and tragedies, and as a result, his outlook on his life was changed. Faith’s dreams signifies that Goodman Brown would encounter many troubles on his journey, and would result in a negative outcome. Young Goodman Brown is a story that is open to a different interpretation by each reader. Its use of symbolism in almost every object in the story create multiple meanings and themes to the story, which adds an abundance of detail. The character Faith plays a huge role in the story, representing innocence, faith, and anticipation of the upcoming events. The endless examples of symbolism display the significance of Faith’s character, which is the main reason for the story’s rapid events and despondent
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