Goodnight Mister Tom Analysis

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Essay 2

Abuse, friendship, growth and love are central themes in Michelle Magorian’s novel Goodnight Mister Tom, as it traces a young evacuee’s,William Beech’s, developmental growth from a deprived, abused, discouraged child to a confident and happy boy. One learns that William’s abnormally weak appearance mirror his mental condition as a vulnerable character. Williams religiously fanatical mother’s unsympathetic fostering and abuse has led him into becoming illiterate, terrified as well as introverted and with a distorted understanding of morality.
In this essay I will argue that Little Weirwold works as an allowing setting, providing Willie the freedom and the proper help he needs in order to develop and bloom, both physically and mentally. In order to show this, I will analyse two fostering aspects which play a big part in his development and setbacks, these include punishment as well as encouragement.

We get to know characters through scenes and descriptions, as well as speech and actions. We get to follow Willies mental state as well as his physical development through these aspects. Willie is the protagonist of the story; he is the main character the plot is addressing. His mother in London is depicted as the antagonist who causes him pain as she believes he needs to be punished for his many sins, which consequently seems to relate to her own mental issues. On the country side, where Willie has evacuated lives Mr. Tom Oakley as well as the other evacuee Zack. They
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