Goodwill Consumer Case Study

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1. Describe the different types of Goodwill customers. According to the video by Armstrong and Kotler, Goodwill industries attract three different types of customers. Fashionable shoppers are those in search of high end products for a much lower price. My mother is one such shopper as she is always good at spotting a Coach purse or a pair of Michael Kors shoes for my daughter at a very discounted price. The second kind of shoppers is the bargain hunters. These customers are looking for just that ‘bargains’. They are trying to get the lowest prices possible and hope to get the most out of their money. I am one such shopper. Being in the military, anytime I go away to training schools they give us a packing list. Army socks alone can cost twenty dollars brand new, so its always a steal when I can find a pair for three or five dollars. The last of the targeted customers are your re-sell shoppers. These shoppers look for hidden treasures they can later sell for a higher price. My father fits into this category. He has been able to find elaborate paintings for next to nothing, with authentic signatures by the painters, worth a few hundred dollars. 2. Which of the 4 sets of factors affecting consumer behavior do you believe most strongly affects consumers’ purchase decisions from Goodwill? There are four different factors that affect the consumers purchase decision. Cultural, Social, Personal, and Psychological. It is hard to narrow these factors down to which one most
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