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Billy and Nick are two salesmen who lose their jobs due to technology becoming more advanced and taking over the world.( Eg: The business is not able to sell watches due to everything becoming digital) This is continuing to happen in today’s society and jobs are becoming scarce due to technology becoming more advanced and taking over jobs.
After searching for jobs they finally come across an internship opening at Google.(The world’s biggest/most popular search engine.) Billy and Nick compete against many young, elite, tech-savvy geniuses for their team to get an internship position at Google.
The setting of this movie was at Google Inc. and shows the viewer the laid back, work hard play hard environment. Google’s employees and even interns are well looked after by means of free food, free transport available, relaxation rooms(Pod lounge), free gym access and an overall environment full of productivity, diversity and fun.The central theme in this film is working as a team. Although there may be conflict and characters that may clash, if they all co-operate and use different team member’s strengths they can be successful and overcome a challenge.(In this case
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Creativity is showing imagination and originality but not forgetting the normal routine based skills that you have been taught. To put creative thinking to use in a business environment and to help you solve problems, many problem solving techniques are available such as a SWOT-analysis, PESTLE Analysis, Decision Tree Analysis and the Value Chain Analysis. These techniques are put into place in order to help the business solve problems that could occur,(present and future). Google try and help their employees live a stress free life when they come into work as they believe if their employees are under stress they won’t think creatively. Google like to hire incredibly intelligent people who think differently and are outspoken and challenge the problems that could face

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