Google's Organizational Culture

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Google has started in January 1996, was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were a doctor of philosophy students at Stanford University, the company is more important in the world, and this is the best global company, a multinational specialized US technology company in the online service and related this Products include online advertising techniques, search, cloud computing, software and most divided of AdWords and profits rapid growth since inception and has raised a series of products, acquisitions and partnerships behind Google is basic research productivity engine program and progress on the Internet, including e-mail ( Gmail), a cloud storage service engine (Google), an office suite (Google Docs) and social networking service…show more content…
In essence, the structure and culture interact to affect the organization's capabilities. Google organizational culture is open, innovative and intelligent, with a focus on excellence and supports small family company achieved openness and harmony through the organizational structure of the matrix. Within the context of organizational culture and Google employees do not feel free to submit their ideas and opinions. Innovation is at the heart of Google. Every employee is required to contribute innovative ideas. In this organizational culture, the company also prefer smart staff who strive for excellence. In addition, employee involvement in projects and experiments support the company. General warm atmosphere in the company's offices to maintain the organizational culture of the company feel small family company, where people can easily talk and exchange ideas with each other, including CEO Larry Page. Thus, the organizational culture and Google supports excellence in innovation through the exchange of ideas and the ability to respond rapidly to…show more content…
This strategy addresses the compensation interests of high-quality staff. In a relationship, career development programs Google ensure that employees are given great opportunities for personal and professional growth in the company. Thus, the combination of competitive compensation strategy and career development programs to support the successful development of a comprehensive human resources Google. The company's performance in these aspects of human resources management points to a high quality and effective managers of human resources. This case of Google as an example of how compensation along with career development comprehensiveness competitive enhances the performance of human resources. Management opportunities determine the functional requirements through a combination of job analysis and training. Job analysis enables HR managers to identify possible career choices of individual employees. Google training used as a means to understand the dynamics of the involvement of the individual employee potential within the organization and career options. This combination helps HR managers to identify career paths requirements, and how can these routes opportunities for the staff of Google. Google's compensation strategy is highly competitive compared with the compensation strategies of rival companies. The company offers high salaries, along with a

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