Google Rhetorical Analysis

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The Use of Rhetorical Devices in the “Google Home” Super Bowl Commercial Companies and other forms of media strategically use the three rhetorical appeals, ethos, pathos, and logos, to market goods and/or promote ideas. The appeals have been used for centuries are still prevalent in all types of modern day propaganda. If used correctly, ethos, pathos, and logos can be used as clever tactics to engrain information into the brains of consumers. One of the more notable ways that brands use these appeals are commercials. Google, the world’s most famous multinational technology company, used the three appeals to reach success. Even after gaining worldwide recognition and years of experience, Google still uses the appeals to attract customers. A…show more content…
All of the appeals are portrayed in the advertisement, however the main one was most definitely pathos. Ethos was used because the company is trying to show that it is reliable and safe for families. Logos is used discreetly, but it is still very important. It is shown when people in the video use Google’s device and inform the viewer of the possible uses of the product and it’s capabilities. Pathos completely domintates the commercial. The different environments and situations exhibit that everybody is diverse, yet equal. The scene with the puppy and another scene where a father and his young daughter ask Google what sound a whale makes, are especially heart-melting. The other way in which the commercial attracts success is by using micropropaganda. A catchy melody plays all throughout the length of the video. The jingle is memorable and is likey to stay in the head of the viewer for a while. The words “Okay Google” are said multiple times in the commercial. The simplicity of the phrase also aids in making it easy to remember. The product is shown in numerous shots throughout. The Google Logo is shown at the very end as well as a short phrase: “Home by you. Help by Google”. All of those details are meant to be remembered by
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