Self-Driving Car: Google Chauffeur

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1. Introduction/History
In these modern days people technology are improving from day to day. Research shows that, almost 1.3 million people die cause by car accident in the world every year and on average 3300 death cases per day. The autonomous cars market has develop tremendously, that Google is ahead of other car manufacturer creating a car without driver. Google is very innovative to create an automobile without driver proudly introducing Google Self-Driving Car a technology that allows mechanism to power by just one click button. This Google Self-Driving Car also known as Google Chauffeur. Google engineer Sebastian Thrun, the former Google VP and Fellow and co-founder of Google[x] is leading the team in this product creation and testing
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Now Google has improved their innovation by making the car from scratch. The dome-like shape car gives sensors to widest field of view. The main purpose of the car is to prove that an automobile car equip with self-driving be safer than an average human driving it. All you need to do is just hit the Go button and it will take off. The electrical engine operates with the speed of 25mph which is very safe. The car navigates skilfully at sharp turns and able to avoid potential hazards of parked cars and pedestrians who wander along the roadway. It is able to ‘senses’ corners and slows down automatically before speeding up into a straight. The sensation is surreal. Stationary vehicles and pedestrians show up on the screen as ‘box’…show more content…
As Mahan sits on the driver seat the steering turn and also detecting radar and sensor to make sure the road is clear then the ride begin. In the video it shows that the car steers itself while Mahan sit in the driver's seat, using detecting radar and lasers to make sure the road is clear. The car took him to Taco Bell drive-thru for burritos and then to the laundry shop when he jokes that "this is some of the best driving I've ever done." He also say that the Google Driverless Car "Where this would change my life is to give me the independence and flexibility to go the places I both want to go and need to go, when I need to do those

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