Case Study Google's Business Strategy

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After the successful that Google been made T,he company started to expansion his work and he make so much of success in deferent sectors ,In this assignment I will explain what is the Google strategy ,Also his method of acquisition and the technology development and his strength and weakness ,Second about the how the innovation linked to acquisition ,Thirdly about the collaboration and examples .


Google start to produce allot of electronic devices to support their operation system devised that they was made it a lonely ,the earned and biggest detailed data which link their users to search in deferent sector through the inter net ,Also identify the places by high accuracy ,Google have the ability to became the one of
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Google make sure to purchase and acquisition every new operations and develop it to get benefit to be successful and this make it in the top this one of it strengths ,
Furthermore Google strategic is lead to innovation and quality hops always in the manufacturing sector this company always try to bring the best and new to their users so Google always innovating and developing their operation system ,On the other hand if we take Google social network we will see that Google do the same strategic in his specific rules and this clear in Spaces application and this is inverse thought of other companies that make big successful in their forms , ,Also some successful companies like face book and snapshot are able to employ some people to analyze the uses performance in the application and try to make things to lead them to still inside it for long time but Google strategic is inverse this Google strategic is to bring this people to reduce the users addiction in the application like Google plus and this lead the company to
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In any big company and in any industries its very possible to find an examples for innovation from acquisition the company’s do the acquisition to develop its methods to make innovation ,The innovation means the ability to develop the ideation ,work , design or anything to do it good in another way , in any company there need to acquisition the technology to develop their method it will help the company to up itself from the losses also to attract more customers ,companies purchase innovation from other company that out side ,Oman Arab bank is an Example in Acquisition ,Also the face book acquisition the what’s app , In addition the company always acquisition the new innovation that will make it successful by the new product that will produce it , the thinking in global expansion and the availability of broad market since the beginning it is central to success in the end of way still one of the successful way to help the new business and change it to big things in technology world in facing the acquisition offers when some company come like Google , Apple ,Facebook ,and Microsoft offer its a lot of money to purchase it

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