Google: The Seven Rules Of Innovation At Google

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Seven Rules of Innovation at Google There are seven rules that lead to sustainable, result-driven innovation according to Davila, Epstein, & Shelton (2013). These rules are: 1. Strong leadership on innovation strategy. 2. Innovation must become part of the business mentality. 3. Determine how much innovation is necessary for your company’s success. 4. Find the balance between creativity and value. 5. Don’t allow the existing corporate culture to block innovation. 6. Facilitate the creation of networks of people and ideas from inside and outside of the corporation. 7. Determine how best to measure and reward innovation. This paper explores how Google, one of the most innovative companies today, aligns with these rules. Google itself states they have 9 rules for innovation (Leong, n.d.). Google’s rules are: 1. Realize that innovation comes from everywhere. 2. Focus on consumer needs. 3. Strive to be ten times better than you need to be. 4. Take risks on technological innovation. 5. Produce new products through small, incremental steps incorporating consumer feedback, rather than striving for perfection the first time. 6. Allow employees 20% of their time to work on projects they are passionate about. 7. Open your processes to outside input. For example, Android phone apps can be developed by anyone, not just Google employees. 8. Celebrate failure. 9. Have a purpose and mission that inspires. Do these rules fall into the formula developed by Davila, Epstein, & Shelton
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