Seven Rules Of Innovation At Google

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Seven Rules of Innovation at Google There are seven rules that lead to sustainable, result-driven innovation according to Davila, Epstein, & Shelton (2013). These rules are: 1. Strong leadership on innovation strategy. 2. Innovation must become part of the business mentality. 3. Determine how much innovation is necessary for your company’s success. 4. Find the balance between creativity and value. 5. Don’t allow the existing corporate culture to block innovation. 6. Facilitate the creation of networks of people and ideas from inside and outside of the corporation. 7. Determine how best to measure and reward innovation. This paper explores how Google, one of the most innovative companies today, aligns with these rules. Google itself states…show more content…
Not every industry requires radical innovation to be successful. Google, as a leader in the quickly changing technology industry, has assumed that innovation must be constant and encourages radical innovation. Google’s self-driving car is an example of this (Tay, 2013). Google employees realized that they had the tools to build a self-guided car that could potentially reduce the traffic deaths resulting from human error. These kind of innovations are outside of their original business scope, but show Google’s willingness to follow innovation wherever it may…show more content…
They follow many of the rules set forth by Davila, Epstein, & Shelton (2013). There are a few exceptions. They focus on consumers rather than profits and they seem to place a higher value on individuals rather than networks. The final exception is Google’s last principle: have a mission that matters. This isn’t addressed anywhere by Davila, Epstein, & Shelton (2013) and seems to be the most important factor. The best work will come from people who are inspired, invested, and feel valuable. Google does an excellent job of making that happen. The rules set forth by Davila, Epstein, & Shelton (2013) will lead to sustainable innovation that will keep your company relevant and profitable. However, I would choose to follow the principles of Google. They will lead to happy, productive employees who feel they are more than employees. They are more human, more easily incorporated into corporate culture, and in the end, just more

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