Google's Culture: The Culture Of Google

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Google’s culture can be primarily thought of as customer-responsive. Their company motto is “Don’t be Evil”. Although they do not deal with customers in real time interface, they have developed innovative products which provide the customers with a lot of ease and satisfaction. They go out of their way to allow engineers at their companies with 20% of their working time to explore areas they want to. Google Earth, Gmail and Google mobile are some of the most successful innovations of Google. These successful projects over the years have motivated the employees of Google to drive on this innovation trend within the company to create easy and user friendly products. Google does not seem to believe in a hierarchical structure. It divides their…show more content…
We can divide Google’s culture as executive and engineer’s culture. The executive culture is made up of CEO’s, vice presidents and their respective subordinates. This group is involved in the financial and growth trajectory of the company. The engineer group comprises of technologically related area people. They are the one who are the major innovators in the company; they form the base of this organization. They want to achieve something called as “people free solution”. As all of us are very well aware of they have created a search engine for this, “people free solution” which caters to people with a huge base of data to satisfy the queries of the customers etc. Engineers create permanent solutions to all the problems in a way so that it can face all sorts of weathers in the daily life of customers. Since their products can face all sorts of circumstances naturally their costs in due time tend to increase. This in turn creates a problem for the executives…show more content…
The executives had a while back cut down on the price of engineers stating that they should work on only those projects which had long term potential for the company. The engineers had retaliated stating that they were left with not even some of the basic resources to continue with their research work. Even so in order to go ahead with their task of cost cutting the executives have asked the engineering vice presidents to list the top 20 most potential projects for their units which they want to pursue. The projects that ultimately made the list were provided with all sorts of bulk resources and the others were left neglected. This new approach helped the executives to maintain/control the degree of risk within the

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