Google Swot Analysis

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Unlike most companies, Google does not have a cautious, step-by-step affair that takes two years to unfold for new products. Google would rather see products fail quickly, than see products fail that have been completely planned out. Google uses a few product/market expansion grid strategies.
Google already has a good market position. A market that they are trying to penetrate is the apps and entertainment media market, they are doing this by introducing Google Play; an app and website which can be used to download apps.
Google uses the product development strategy. Product development is offering modified or new products to current market segments. An example is that Google developed Google Chrome for the existing Internet user.
Google also
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Google’s vision statement is “to provide access to the world’s information in one click.” Even though Google has grown to be a company that offers many products the essence of this statement has remained. Google develops products rapidly, instead of a two-year plan, they limit their plans to a maximum of four to five months. Google’s biggest strength is innovation, they are able to introduce good quality products relatively fast. Google uses a few product/market expansion grid strategies: market penetration, product development, and market development. Just like all companies Google faces opportunities and threats of the external environment. The most important opportunity would be the rapid growth of developing countries, this expends Google’s market. A big threat is the growing social media, like Facebook, it is hard for Google to compete with them. Looking at segmentation variables, Google uses the geographical and behavioral factors the most. Most of the services Google provides, are free of charge, or have a trail period. Disintermediation means finding new ways or channels to sell the product or service directly to the customers, or cutting out the figurative “middle man” by producers. Google AdWords is an example of this, it ensures that companies can advertise on Google itself. The sky is the limit for Google, Google develops products very quickly, no matter the kind of product or market, Google will be interested in producing this, this gives them a great competitive advantage over its competitors. Google might think of personal selling when it comes to its hardware, this could be of value in Google’s marketing mix. Google collects a lot of information. This comes as a concern to some people. Google tries to help customers by doing this as well, by collecting data they can
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