Goonies Movie Character Analysis

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My favorite character in the Goonies is Mikey who is alway sick in the movies. He was the want who started to look for the treasure of OneEye
Willy to save their house before it turn into a golf course. He show us how smart and helpful he is on the way to find the treasure. I thought he was a good character to write about because he was the one who started the hunt for the treasure but when I was writing this I was thinking that he not my one favorite character in the Goonies . I also like Chunk the funny kid in their group.
He was pretty funny, all he can think about is food. So he also my favorite kid in the
Goonies. Mikey is like the main character in the Goonies and Chunk got the role of being the funny kid in the movies. If I have to choices only one then
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Mikey alway make himself look sick when he doesn’t like something but that the end of the movies when his brother kiss that girl he like.
Mikey was trying to look like he was going to be sick but then he said forget it and walk away so
I don’t think Mikey is a sicky kid but he just smart so he try to use it to get away from getting in trouble with his mom and dad. Chunk on the other hand is a trouble making kid that everyone around him know.
If you were to ask me what I would do if that happen to my family, I would say. I would try to save my house by doing the samething. It hard to do it like what he did but I would try to do something like that to make money to help the family with the house. When I said that I want to do something like that I mean the way they get the money by working their way to find the treasure. I don’t want to steal people think like a bad guy but I want to get it by myself. Working hard to get what I want. I would feel a little sad that my house is going to be destroyed and at the same time I’m going to be angered about how they want to destroyed my house to make a golf course. There a lot of golf course already, they don’t need a new
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