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6. Effectiveness of gooseberry juice with honey and guava juice with honey compared with control on physiological parameters among adolescent girls

6.1 Introduction

The most prevalent nutritional disorder in the developing countries is iron deficiency anaemia. Adolescent are also at risk for iron deficiency anaemia because of their rapid growth, menstruation, poor eating habits and obesity. Iron deficiency anaemia mainly caused by inadequate supply of iron and impaired iron absorption (Wongs et al, 2007)

Iron deficiency is common, especially among young women. Adding probiotics to foods could be one way to increase iron absorption. The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that by adding Lactobacillus plantarum 299v (Lp299v) was improved non-haem iron absorption in from of fruit drink. Iron absorption was studied in young women using a single-blind cross-over design in two trials applying the double-isotope (55Fe
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But in the post test(45 days) experimental group one (gooseberry juice with honey) haemoglobin level significantly different from the control group and experimental group two( guava juice with honey). Within the group the pre test, 21 days and 45 days were compared by one way repeated measures of ANOVA. The ‘F’ and ‘P’ values of control group were 5.861 and 0.003 respectively gooseberry juice with honey group were 21.775 and <0.001 respectively. This result showed significant correlation in post test scores in control, experimental one and experimental group two

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