Goosebumps Persuasive Essay

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“Go Eat Worms!” What a nice and sweet book title, would you like a series of these for your kids to enjoy before going to bed? Definitely, the Goosebumps by R.L. Stine are the most inappropriate book series ever published in human history for kids. They were the best sellers and indeed extremely popular among children. However, something appealing does not always reflect its goodness and virtue. For example, the Goosebumps are not books that a mom should let her kid read. By covering satanic and dark themes, the Goosebumps did an excellent job of creating a “horrid wonderland” for young children and misleading them to unnecessary danger related to real life. A typical Goosebumps story will look like this: an ordinary teenager was dragged in an evil plan by usually experiencing vicious and supernatural things occurred around him or her. This child then would need to save him or her self out of the situation of danger and strange people or monsters. The plots are usually crazily attractive and lurid, accompanied with the idea that strange people can harm kids. First, it does not teach children a correct worldview. The idea of stranger endangering kids’ life is not okay or normal. Neither it is fine to think that they are supposed to…show more content…
It is designed to bring merely fear with no valuable lesson or idea behind. Numerals stories with similar plot and settings, Goosebumps look like different characters put in a same function model to produce creepy stories. They truly do not contain either wisdom or good writing that would be beneficial to young students. The moral that these book carry do not help kids to build a positive personality to plug the seeds into kids’ innocent minds. According to a librarian in St. David’s School in North Carolina, “We don’t have those books in our library because they simply just do not line up with our educational philosophy.
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