Gop Debate Pros And Cons

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Extra Credit: CNBC GOP Presidential Debate CNBC’s GOP Presidential Debate this year was held at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the moderators focused their questions greatly on the economy, current national budget, tax reforms, immigration policies and their disagreements with the Democratic party. The Republican candidates that participated in this debate included Ohio governor John Kasich, former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, Florida senator Marco Rubio, business man Donald Trump, retired surgeon Ben Carson, former HP CEO Carly Fiorina, Texas senator Ted Cruz, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, and Kentucky senator Rand Paul. With tensions growing between candidates and political parties, I feel that the moderators for this debate seemed to personally attack the candidates when questioning their reasoning behind their answers.…show more content…
Majority of the candidates took a different stance, by placing the blame on the Democrats, mainly Obama, for the state of today’s economy. I always find it quite funny when John Kasich attempts to answer any question asked of him, mainly because he normally responds by completely disregarding the question. This might be one of the reason why his poll numbers are so low, and also another reason why he was not fully included into the debate like the rest of his peers. It is obvious from the past two debates that Kasich’s central focus is on balancing the budget and tax reforms, but the other issues still seem to be unclear. In my opinion, both Marco Rubio and Rand Paul have clear plans on what exactly they would do if elected into office, while the others seem to have vague
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