Gopro Rhetorical Analysis

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GoPro promotional analysis INTRODUCTION The company GoPro have been experiencing setback in growth, as they enter the mature stages of their brand development.. The article (app. 1) describes the slowing sales growth and therefore needs to seek additional sales via a new market segment. This segment become evident for GoPro when potential consumers expressed their interest in their product for its obvious capabilities, but that didn 't seem suitable for their more average lifestyle. This potential segment requires the explanato of how GoPros products are sutiatkvr for them, which is the centralized message around their promotion. TARGET GROUP ANALYSIS Their campaign be a hero is designed with this large target segment in mind, therefore their…show more content…
the promotinal mix aims to form the ideal image of the repsective procuts to its consumers for optmial benefit. Gopro campaign (app. 2,3,4) is directed toward the more common potential consumer, and futher away from the extreme elements that appealed to their primary target group. Although they are targeting a new segment, the basic activities and messages of their promotions dont give the veivewer a different impression of their general core product values, but rather empahsises the elements of their values that appeal more to the target segment. Inl Gopro are maintainging the main product image, while targeting a different segment, which is the entire purpose of IMC. Gopro arent largely affefcted by the change in conmsumer focus, since their technologcal dominance in its market is manifested in their product lines, which is a dirving factor for its tehcnology involdes target group. Futhremore, their brand image is largely created on the promtional elements of extreme sports, which generely will maintain the new and retruning primary consumers.…show more content…
Comapnies inclcuindg Nikon, Canon and Sony are higly innovate as well and are also peneytratinngh the similar market. They have strong brand images when regarding travel phiotogrspu, ie elements that are appealing to gopros target segmetn. therefore, gropros previous strength now becomes their weakness, sicnce established photograph companeis have been targeting similar segemnets more frewuently than gopro. Conclusliy, i dont beleive that gopro will find singifacnt growth oopportinites in this segment of the market, unless theyre willing to inintiate drastic brand image changes, to further convince new segemnets to pruchase their

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