Gordan Korman's Schooled

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Schooled by Gordan Korman is about a boy named Capricorn Anderson who learns about that there are friends to back you up, friendship and reveals that you shouldn’t be pushed around because your friends are always there to stand up for you. Capricorn Anderson is not an average 13 year old. He has never had any friends or been to school with others. He was homeschooled all his life with his hippie grandmother, Rain. All he had was Rain, but when Rain breaks her hip, Capricorn has to go live with the Donnellys and go to C Average Middle School. As soon as Capricorn enters the school, he is the number one target for Zach Powers. Zach is confident that it’s his year to be number one, but when Zach makes Cap the student president everthing goes the opposite of what he had expected. Naomi, the most popular girl in school, Lena’s friend has a crush on Zach and is positively sure that he become her boyfriend, but when the new kid, Cap comes to school her mind slowly changes.…show more content…
For example: when Cap tried to help with all the things that Zach tried to do on him, pranks. Also, when Cap gets beat up by his friend by accident when he tried to stop his friend from fighting Zach. I also recommend this to people who are into romance because there are parts in the book where people fall in love. For example: when Cap falls in love Sophie Donnelly and Naomi kisses Cap because he had donated 1,000 dollars to
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