Gordie In Stand By Me

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Question 1. Gordie Lachance is an interesting character in the "Stand By Me" Film. He is a 12 year old boy going to 13, and his best friend is, Chris Chambers. Compared to the other 3 characters he does not have a ad family problems. His brother, Danny Lachance died in 1959, which made him the "invisible boy" in his house. Gordie's Father, and Mother did not get over the fact that he passed away, since he was a great son to have. The talents that Gordie had was and in a totally different field compared to his brother. Gordie has talent to make great stories, he does not have the confidence, so his best friend Chris looks after him.

Chris Chambers is one of the four main characters in the film "Stand By Me". Gordie and Chris are best friends, although they have two totally different back grounds. Chris compared to the other three, he has a lot of family problems. His family reputation is really bad, he was called, low life, delinquent, and even a thief. Both his brother and his father are horrible people, his brother is "Eyeball Chambers". His brother is a punk and a member of the Ace Merrill's Gang. His father is an abusive alcoholic and a very dangerous man, since, Chris found a couple of guns that his father owns. Because of his family he is dragged down he doesn't believe in himself, although at the end he went to college and
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Teddy like Chris has huge family problems, his father was a military man that stormed through the Normandy, as Teddy says. Although after the war he became kind of lunatic and violent. Teddy's father held Teddy's ears to a stove and almost burned it off. He perceived as the "looneys child", though even after all that Teddy still defends his father, and thinks of him as a hero. After growing up, he tried to join the military but his poor vision and his damaged ears stopped him from joining the
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