Gordon College Ethics Case Study

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The entire faculty Senate of a Christian college in Massachusetts has stepped down after a pro-LGBT professor was denied a promotion over her criticism of the school’s policies on homosexual behavior. Gordon College implements a Life and Conduct Statement which prohibits any sexual activity --- including those between individuals of the same sex --- outside of marriage. The school also adheres to the biblical teaching on marriage, Christian News details. Margaret DeWeese-Boyd, who works as an assistant professor of sociology at the Christian college, recently complained to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination that she was denied a promotion because she has been speaking against the school’s policy in the last four years. She has also hosted training sessions and events focusing on homosexual rights.…show more content…
Michael Lindsay refused to do so. The decision has led the seven members of Gordon College’s faculty Senate to resign. “Gordon’s president and provost were quite surprised to learn just a few hours before a regular monthly faculty meeting … that the seven members of the Senate had decided to resign from their elected roles as faculty representatives in the promotion and tenure review process,” said college officials in a

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