Gordon Korman's Zoobreak

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I read a fun book about a 5th grade class that had a radio show by Gordon Korman. Gordon Korman wrote 5th grade radio in 1989,He also wrote Zoobreak and the Everest trilogies. The story takes place in the studio The studio is a kids studio that they call Kidsview.Sometimes in the pet shop the pet shop is where they get the pets to put on kidsview.The school is where they ask the kids at their school to sign up for kidsview and were they also go to school. mpise,Winston Churchill the talking bird who they try to get to talk but won 't at first. The main characters are Miss.Gucci’s the fifth grades old teacher,Benji the fifth grade student and he rones kidsview ,Ellen Louise the fifth grade student also and helps Benji with kidsview,Mark the fifth grade student as well he…show more content…
The theme is bullying because in the story they usually are getting bullied from Brad the big time bully to not just one person but the whole school.the only people who are not scared of him are little crew and Ellen Louise because he licks her but she does not like him.Ellen Louise is trying to get Benji and Mark not be scared because they have to interview him for kidsview because the teacher told him had to so his gade can improve to calcite C not a F or D. So he can pass now the teacher is making the whole class do
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