Nursing Case Study On Hypertension

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1.1 INTRODUCTION Hypertension is the persistent increase in blood pressure above systolic of 140mmttg and diastolic of 90mmhg. (Ross and Wilson 2010). Hypertension can also be defined as a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated .High blood pressure is a leading cause of kidney disease and kidney failure. Hypertension can cause damage to the blood vessels and filters in the kidney making removal of waste products from the body difficult.(Wikipedia 2015). Chronic kidney disease[CKD] is defined as persistent kidney damage accompanied by reduction in glomerular filtration rate[GFR] and the presence of albuminuria. The prevalence of CKD has steadily increase over the past two decades, and was reported to…show more content…
1.2 THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK. To clarify our understanding of this research, the researcher has chosen to relate it to Gordon Marjory functional pattern to provide a more comprehensive nursing assessment of the patient. GORDON MARJORY FUNCTIONAL HEALTH PATTERN MODEL 1994. Marjory observed that functional health pattern evolved from client- environment interactions. Each pattern is an expression of biopsychosocial integration which can be influenced by biological, developmental, cultural, social and religious factors. The functional pattern includes: 1. Health Perception- Health Management Pattern: - Perceived pattern of health - Knowledge of lifestyle and relationship to health - Knowledge of preventive health…show more content…
It is against such back drop that a study of this nature is important in helping the patient, patient’s family and the care givers to understand the phenomenon in order to help control it. The significance of the study is: 1. To help patient understand their role in curbing the effect of hypertension in chronic kidney disease. 2. To help caregivers understand the importance of their role in controlling hypertension in CKD. 3. TO determine how to improve the management of hypertension in CKD patients and overall quality of life on the patients. 1.7 SCOPE/DELIMITATION OF THE STUDY This research is limited to National Hospital Abuja. The questions in the questionnaire are capable of illuminating sufficient information on the phenomenon under investigation. The area of focus is the effect of hypertension in chronic kidney disease patients. 1.8 LIMITATION OF STUDY The possibleproblem during the course of this study includes the following; 1. Most respondents are ashamed to give information concerning this problem. 2. Lack of adequate fund to sponsor the research. 3. Some respondents may not give direct answer especially when they are involved in the illness at which this research is aimed
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