Gordon Northcott's Pedophile Murderers

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Another sadistic pedophile-murderer was Gordon Northcott who fled Vancouver and relocated to Riverside, California to avoid the law. He allegedly was running a child prostitution network for the elite pedophiles in Los Angeles and there “wasn’t enough evidence to prove” this but it would have been very lucrative for him and would have provided him with the funding to build the chicken ranch and pay the bills too. He claimed he had been sexually abused as a young boy which is believable because sometimes severely traumatized people go into repetition compulsion of the original trauma meaning he would’ve committed the same traumas done to him to other young boys. A very red flag is how the police tried to cover the missing boy up (Walter Collins) by claiming he was returned to his mother and forcing a runaway on her. When she insisted, the runaway wasn’t her son the Captain forced her into a lockdown psychiatric unit. This…show more content…
I wonder where this little boy is and is he an addict now or dead?? If you search male prostitution and the elite, you’ll see how young runaways have to prostitute themselves for food to eat and how they are preyed upon by married men in professional positions. The really sick and sad part of this story is how so many of them are abused to death and how they are abused by society in every way: by their families, the police, johns, foster care systems; by everyone they come into contact with. When you research child snuff films you go into the heart of the darkness and into Satanism. Not only are young, street boys raped and murdered routinely but if they somehow manage to get out of street life they are forever damaged by the memories and the trauma and have difficulty having a normal life. Many are driven to drug addiction. Their problems are compounded by the lack of vocational training, the lack of an education and the lack of the financial wherewithal to obtain them as well as the supreme psychological damage done by life
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