Gore Verbinski's Short Film

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Gore Verbinski was a former musician at an young age, than later becomes a filmmaker. Making short films in the early 1980’s and later winning two oscars awards. Verbinski started his actual film career by directing other known bands music video for a short period of time. His love for music is alway, but secretly applied in his movies. Than Verbinski moved on from music video directing to commercial directing. That was also short lived because he started to make his first movie Mouse Hunt. Verbinski from here grows and finally becomes this top ranked directors in several articles about good directors. Verbinski works with multiple genre and have a some piece of object in the movie. His movies are all mostly on adventure with a spark of action in between his adventure movies. All live action, but except for one movie not being a live action filmed. Rango, his first and only animated film being about a lizard lost in this desert world and later have to some bad guys to save a town. The second most of Verbinski work is horror. Taking some element or style of his other movies to make his horror work. The style of making the movie to this surreal, strange,…show more content…
I enjoy and interested in people putting some subliminal point in a book, artwork or video. To give a message to audience without them knowing. Verbinski have no sort of camera style or unique storytelling that is interesting. I just enjoy the movies he made like Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango, and maybe Mousehunt. The only interesting of him is him taking his background and working in it with his movies. Throughout the years Verbinski did well with the three Pirates of the Caribbean movies and that something good. Also, Verbinski won some awards in his career which is some good three pointers. If I was a director I would put some little subliminal message that might foreshadow a story end or my
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