Gore's Argument Essay: The Fight For Climate Change

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The fight for an unpolluted environment continues, as the ravages of climate change become more detrimental to all life on planet earth. This fight has become a special agenda for politicians like Al Gore, who has advocated for climate change legislation. Gore has publicized the message of the effects of global warming through his documentary – "An Inconvenient Truth" which has now been shared more than 30,000 times in countries worldwide. Global warming has also been a concern for all scientists who has helped to shade light on this environmental turning point. Majority of the scientific community agrees that the problem is man-made. Human consumption of fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal and deforestation in the last 30 years, is increasing…show more content…
He explains that the Carbon dioxide and methane are needed in small qualities to keep the earths at balanced the temperature, however if the gases increase – the result increase in average temperature worldwide. To demonstration this he in a lab experiment he used a glass jar with a small globe, thermometer and then fed the jar with carbon dioxide. The heat lamps were placed over the jars and as was suspected the temperature began rising. This analogy bring us to the conclusion that increased insulating gases such as carbon dioxide does cause temperatures to rise, as the carbon dioxide traps more of the earth’s radiant heat. Anthony Marr a geophysicist also argues that the increase of Latent heat or Enthalpy will affect the hottest and coldest areas in the world. The event he calls “Latent Heat of Fusion” will rise the temperatures in Antarctic, Artic, and Greenland melting glacial ice. As the ice melt the surrounding waters become warmer which may play a big role in the way future climate change unfolds. This is threat to wildlife which depend on the freezing temperature for survival. This may also cause rise in sea levels and shifting of the balance of the earth
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