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Gorgeous Mosque around the world
A Mosque or the Masjid as it is locally referred is a holy place for the Muslim faith. While many mosque are exclusively only for the Muslim devotees, many mosques have opened their doors for non-Muslims as well. These Masjids are built with modern and contemporary design and are fine examples of Islam. There are plenty of mosques all around the world. As Islam is one of the most widely spread religions, it has taken its fine culture and art to places such as Europe and Africa and have played a great role in influencing their culture.
The Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi is one such mosque which is open to non-Muslim faith as well, and many people have described it as a wonder piece for its architecture alone. Each Mosque around the world carries its own charm and elegance, although the Muslims only would be able to tell you more about the stunning and breath-taking interiors. We have listed some of the beautiful Islamic architecture below that will make you awe at the very sight of this beautiful masterpieces.
1. Al Haram Mosque, Macca, Saudi Arabia
Said to the first house built by humanity to worship Allah, this stands as one of the most popular monuments in the world. Also fondly referred as the Grand Mosque, this is the largest mosque in the world and is nestled around one of the holiest places of Islam, the
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This is considered to be the second holiest place in Islam. Considered to be the second Mosque built in human history, this is the second largest mosque in the world after the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca. The tomb of the Prophet Mohammed is placed in the Green Dome, which is one of the most important places of this mosque. In the year 1279 AD, a wooden cupola was placed over the tomb and rebuilt later and renovated several times in the late 15th century and once again in 1817. In 1837, the dome was painted green and since then it has been named the Green

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