Gospel Essentials Research Paper

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Benchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials
“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1: l, New International Version). This is where it all began. God’s perfect Creation included night and day, sky and land and sea, the moon and the stars, all the birds and fish and animals, and humankind. Man quickly messed it up and the Fall hit hard. No more was humanity right with God. But God loved his people so much that his Son, Jesus Christ came to earth to make them right with God by dying on the cross to wash away all of their sins, and through God’s grace, they received salvation and restored their heart relationship with God. In this paper, I will discuss within the context of the Christian worldview who God is, what
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Based on historical facts found in the bible, as well as physical landmarks that validate the scriptures, the Christian faith is sound. Christians find encouragement knowing the God they worship is relational and personal. Believing that the Word of God is truth, Christians trust that they will receive the gift of eternal life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. However, there also are areas that cause many to question the Christian faith. The Bible can be very confusing to read and understand, offering contradictory statements and parables that some view as riddles. Creation is another area that propagates much debate with those who take differing views of the beginning of time. Many question whether the resurrection of Jesus Christ actually occurred, offering alternative ideas. Nonetheless, those who claim to be Christians will live their lives in a way that is reflective of Jesus Christ. They will worship and honor God by loving others. Serving others and not expecting to be served is their…show more content…
Introduced were the three main characters that are the focal point in the Christian worldview, including God who is sovereign and a triune God, humanity who began life in God’s good graces, but quickly fell away because of idolatry and bad choices early on, and Jesus, the Savior who came and rescued them. Crucified and then resurrected, Jesus restored humanity’s relationship with God and because of God’s infinite love, through grace, promised them life eternal. Through this, benefits and strengths of the Christian worldview were brought to the forefront along with some challenges that believers face. Finally, this discussion revealed my own beliefs in relationship to the Christian worldview. Attempting to live my life in a Christ-like way on a daily basis, I seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and look forward to meeting Jesus with hope and
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