Gospel Of Luck Analysis

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The Gospel of Luke A parable is a short story illustrates truth, in which they teach morals. Jesus used to teach his disciples in parables, because they are memorable, meaningful, and it was a common way in Judaism. Others might think that The Gospel of Luck is just a religious book, administrating the relationship between God and human. It provides a perfect method in how to live our lives. Although, the parables in The Gospel of Luck have been taught to a specific people in a specific time, they still live until our day because of their techniques, meanings and emotions. Jesus’s parables still live with their essences. Everyday life has changed though humans kept up the change in a way that suits their life. On the other hand,…show more content…
The reason behind these parables is to be understood and put in action. One of these messages in the Lost Sheep Parable is to change what was known in Judaism. Pharisees thought themselves the closest to God and sinners were rejected, especially tax collectors. But Jesus showed them the opposite. He encouraged sinners to a clear message, to be righteous as he compares between the ninety-nine sheep to one lost sheep. However, it seems the ninety-nine are more valuable than the lost one. According to the Gospel, Jesus asked, “which one of you having a hundred sheep, and losing one of them, does not have the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one that is lost until he finds it?” this comparison was significant for tax collectors, who thought themselves sinners, it shows God’s mercy over everybody even sinners. They are valuable in the sight of God, and God cares about them, whatever their sins were, whenever they did it. In addition, Jesus implies a new idea about intention and how it is more important than what someone have done through his life. Jesus words motivate tax collectors to be righteous, to change their lives for better. There are many people who felt lost in different areas; consequently, despair will control their lives. But if they start searching inside themselves, they will found how powerful they are to make a change and be on the right
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