Bridge Between Denomination And Decoration Analysis

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The Bridge Between Denomination and Decoration
By: Sona Chaudhary, Manas Joshi, Nick Paxton, and Jada Catalano
Gothic architecture is a specific type of design utilized on edifices such as cathedrals. The marvels of this architecture include detailed sculptures and stained glass windows that represent various religious events. Medieval people interpreted the design as a religious trait because of the abundant appearance in Catholic churches. Without the gothic design, modern day renaissance architecture would not look any different than office buildings. It's what’s on the outside that draws people to want to see the inside. Design is yet another understated aspect of history.
Gothic architecture was created during the 12th century, but began
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As described by Edd Morris, “Gothic architecture marked the first time that beauty and aesthetic values had been incorporated into building design". Builders wanted to see who could construct the better, more decorative building and all for the prestige of the Christian region. This is where the pride toward religion began to blend with the creation of religious architecture. Gothic architecture is still very important and used constantly with designers, explained further here, “Artists still gather inspiration from gargoyles, architectural and religious features that were found in churches beginning with the 1200s’ (the rose, stained glass, ribbed vaulting), Gothic text (typography), Gothic floral elements (like the ‘Fleur de lys” Gothic symbol), Gothic cathedrals with pointed arches and high towers, Gothic religious paintings and much more. In some design works, the Gothic style is mainly used as inspiration to create unnatural creatures with masculine, forceful, tough, gloomy, sinister, and mysterious traits.” Many modern-day logos are inspired from gothic architecture and we don't even realize it. For example the logo for the famous band “Iron Maiden” is inspired from it. Gothic architecture has made an impact on modern - day society greatly.
Gothic architecture is a very important type of art that changed how the world works today. Many people don’t realize how much effort and time that these types of buildings took to complete. During the medieval ages, this type of architecture was built to express how people were living at a certain point in
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