Gothic Architecture: The Characteristics Of The Chartres Cathedral

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Most people look back in time to see old architecture, and admire the beauty of the older buildings. These buildings are stunning, but what makes them so beautiful? Most Architectural styles follow certain characteristics of their time, and amplify them at a much larger scale. We can see this at almost every single style in history. The gothic style is not the exception. Most buildings from that era follow certain characteristics that make them different from any other style of architecture in history. The Chartres Cathedral is a great example of gothic architecture, and of the elements that characterize it. Chartres Cathedral is a catholic church in Eure y Loir, France, nearly 80 km to the southeast of Paris.
It is believed that in the same place where the Chartres Cathedral stands today, there was another religious site, dedicated to Argantoreta, the Mother Goddess of the Druid mythology, one that can be compared to the Virgin Mary of the Catholic Church. The first church that has been recorded was built around the year 360. It disappeared in a fire around 740 c.e. A second cathedral is destroyed in 858 c.e. During this time, the cathedral receives an alleged relic of the Virgin, which increased the importance of the place. In 962 c.e. the church of Gisleberto returns to be destroyed during a war and in 1020 another fire destroys the cathedral, which was reconstructed quickly due to a wave of religious that motive to hundreds to help with the work. In 1194 a great

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