Gothic Characterism In Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights comprises all the elements of a Gothic novel. However its characters are not as simple as the average Gothic protagonists. This particular novel deals with an amount of Gothic qualities, like dark settings and extreme landscapes, moonlights and candles, melancholy figures and imprisonment, torture and cruelty, supernatural element, madness, necrophilia as well as a communication between the living and the dead. Jibesh Bhattachayya states out clearly:
“That Emily Bronte must have read some of these fictions of the Gothic type is evident from her creation of the mysterious Gondal world in her literary world in her literary attempts. Her passion for the esoteric and the sensational did not seem to have left when she wrote Wuthering Heights. Indeed, to an unwary reader Wuthering Heights, a wild, passionate and haunting novel set in the bleak moors of Yorkshire, will appear almost like a specimen of a Gothic novel” (88).
The setting of a dark castle, isolated and haunted, is typical in the Gothic fiction. Bhattachayya continues by pointing out that the atmosphere of Bronte’s novel is “suggestive of an uncanny Gothic atmosphere” (88). Considering the title, the reader can realize how important the setting is not only for the story itself as well as for the author. The title implies the weather-wracked estate of Wuthering Heights, in which the story takes place, making the story more potent in inciting terror to the readers. In the very first pages, the
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