Gothic Elements In Gothic Film Analysis: The Others

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Gothic Film Analysis: The Others The gothic thriller known as The Others, released in 2001 has been keeping audiences on the edge of their seats since the day that it theatres. Alejandro Amenábar directed this film with big name stars such as: Nicole Kidman playing a religiously devoted mother, Grace Stewart, Fionnula Flanagan playing a servant that has a little secret, Mrs. Bertha Mills, and Christopher Eccleston playing a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ridden man, Charles Stewart (Amenábar, The Others). Toying with the way that the deceased and the living world interact within the same space. Questioning the good in a person with intense religious conviction, and their reactions when their whole world turns upside down. The movie would not create an unsettling tone without key Gothic…show more content…
This being extremely strict, and intensely religious, pushing the children to the breaking point. In the opening scenes the mother almost portrays the Female Archetype of a woman in a gothic. As a damsel in distress, or almost frantic matter, containing high emotions with obvious suffering and abandonment (Burke, Gothic Lesson 2). She is alone in this mysterious mansion on an island with no electricity. With the servants recent exit the house is ran down, and empty from all workers. As well as her husband who has disappeared at war, with no word back for years, with no record of his well-being (Amenábar, The Others.) As the film progresses, we start to see the Male Archetype emerge in her. A male being a tyrannical, powerful, impulsive figure that wreaks havoc on those around him. With a powerful drive for love and underlying tension within the archetype we see the mother take it on (Burke, Gothic Lesson 2). This standing as a perfect example of the tenet. Interestingly enough, her internal fear of spirts, demanding tone with servants, and treatment of her children allow her to take on the role. From
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