Gothic Elements In William Wilson

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Gothic elements in "William Wilson" The setting in William Wilson is shaped after Stoke Newington, where Poe went to Manor House School from 1817 to 1820, the school in the tale being based on the one attended by Poe. The narrator gives us a fake name, that of William Wilson, because of the baggage that his real one carries. He inform us that he is diing, and wants to show the reader that "I have been, in some measure, the slave of circumstances beyond human control.” (Poe, 6); Wiiliam Wilson provides us with a split self, a enemy within. Throughout the wole story the narrator tries to get away from his doppleganger, his imaginary enemy. After various competitions in wich he engages with his demon, he flees from city to city in hope of relief, but nevertheless finds himself incapable of getting rid of it. The narrator does not appear to be sane, therefore he is unreliable. He begins telling us his story: "I grew self-willed, addicted to the…show more content…
The narrator hated all these similarities, in age, name, height, features, and Wilson had discovered this and was using it in their quarrels, managing to upset the narrator, for his only wish was to be entirely separate and if possible, better than his rival. This situation became more and more intense as Wilson started to copy the narrator impecably, exept for the tone of his voice, which he could not, due to an illness that he was suffering from, allowing him only to whisper and not vocalise. After a nervous fit, the narrator left thhe school never to return. He then enrolled in another school, Eton, where he endulged for 3 years in various vices that also led to "more dangerous seductions" (Poe, 15). After tis period he then came to Oxford to begin his university
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