Gothic Elements In The Tell Tale Heart

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What is Goth? Goth can be many of things, teenagers dressing in all black, movies like Coraline and even architecture, but when it comes to literature what makes it Gothic? Gothic literature can be defined as, writing that employs dark and mysterious settings that include elements of death, insanity, revenge and the uncanny. In the short story, “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe, the narrator has committed a murder but claims that his insanity is not a disease that cripples his mind but is quite the opposite and is capable to narrate just how cleverly he murdered an old man. In the second short “The Cask of Amontillado” also by Edgar Allen Poe, the narrator Montresor feels he is in power to make justice and gives himself the idea to seek revenge and kill Fortunato a wine enthusiast after he insulted his honor. Lastly in Marionettes Inc., by Ray Bradbury, two middle-age men discuss the imprisonment they feel in their marriages and come up with a plan to use lifelike puppets to seek a moment a freedom from their wives but are unaware of the consequences of what their actions will produce. Although all the short stories encompass some elements of the Gothic genre both of Poes stories better exemplifies the gothic elements to set a dark and mysterious setting, and fill the story with uncanny and revenge with his characters from the very beginning versus Bradbury’s usage human automatons as a gothic element seems to fall short. In the first story “The
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