Gothic Fiction In 'Tell-Tale Hart' And The Sandman By Edgar Miller

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Gothic Fiction Essay

”Tell-Tale Hart” by Edgar Allen, ”Don 't Ask Jack” by Neil Gaiman and ”The Sandman” directed by Paul Berry are all examples of gothic fiction. Gothic fiction started in 1765 and was created to scare the reader using elements of fear, horror, death and gloom. ”Tell-Tale Hart” is a text about a person who kills an old man because his eye is driving him crazy. ”Don 't Ask Jack” is an about a Jack in the box in a rundown nursery who tells the children something that haunts them for life. ”The Sandman” is a film about a creature who sneaks into a child 's house. He taunts them, then sprinkles dust on their eyes and takes their eyes.

Setting plays a big part in the creation of mood Gothic Fiction. All of the texts are similar because the story takes place at night in large houses. The stories take place at night because it makes the story be creepy. The story is made creepier with the nighttime setting because the characters canon’t see and lots of people have a fear of the dark. ”The Sandman” and the ”Tell-Tale Hart” also have very similar houses. The house in ”The Sandman” and the house in ”Tell-Tale Hart” are similar because the houses are both old. Furthermore, the houses are both creepy, but in a different way.The house in ”The Sandman” is empty while in ”Tell-Tale Hart” the house, it has a lot more furniture this can change the mood, making the boy in ”The Sandman” very venerable with nothing around him. In the ”Tell-Tale Hart,” there is a lot of
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