Gothic Incident Narrative

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On March ____th, 2017 at ____ hours, I Officer Chengpor Yang from the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center (LECJEC), 9110 Brooklyn Boulevard, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota,55445, responded to the following addres; 4560 Portland and talked to Pan Dau (date of birth: 01/01/2980) who witnessed the person that was behind or the robbery that happened to Dale Burns that happened yesterday. Dua stats the following; I was gardening at my backyard, and saw Burns drive pass my house, since I live at the corner. Burns went into the alley then took a right into his driveway. After that, I notice was an white male behind Burns (super close) with a weird behavior. The white male is around 180 pound, with long hair, possible around fifty years up, wearing short sleeve, and maybe a black t-shirt.…show more content…
After couple minutes gone by, I saw the white male running out of the house from the backdoor. The white male ran into the alley, which I notice he was carrying something in his hands, which it was weird to me, therefore, I followed him.
The while male continue walking in the alley, took a right on 45th street, walk toward Park Avenue, went north of Park Avenue, and went to the following address; 4346 Park Avenue. As I was watching, I saw him open the door locate the pouch and heard the white male say “hey mother.” This house is a white with green chip and locate at the corner

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