Gothic Literature

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In the 18th century, Gothic Literature was introduced to the literary world. Some elements that make up a Gothic novel: supernatural beings, horror, and so on. Also, Gothic Literature involves symbolism, in which evil is a symbol. Evil is the profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force. Edgar Allan Poe is an American Gothic writer, who is able to encompass a “supernatural” and evil bond between twins, Roderick and Madeline, in "The Fall of the House of Usher." The narrator, who visits the Usher mansion, believes that there is some type of “ a family evil” within the house (Poe 692). The House of Usher’s falling at the end of this Gothic horror tale signifies the end of the lineage of the…show more content…
Roderick Usher utilizes the arts, like writing, painting, and others, to express his emotions about his life. In one of the ballads, he wrote that “evil things assailed the monarch’s high estate” (Poe ). Roderick tells the story of a glorious, beautiful palace that has been destroyed by evil things that lurk. He knows that evil runs throughout his home and is flooding his life out. Also, Roderick suffers a mental disorder and his sister, Madeline, has anemia, which these diseases could be considered an evil because of the harm that it brings. According to Professor Abby Werlock, “evil and discord possess the house” and it is impossible for them to escape the surrounding evil. Roderick and Madeline suffer from illness and Roderick, himself, even knows that evil floats throughout. With the evil brewing inside of the House of Usher’s, the family lineage will soon cease to…show more content…
Poe establishes an atmosphere of evil in the story, and it seems that even Madeline and Roderick share an evil connection. For example, Roderick claims that he and his sister share a special connection, which could be interpreted as incestuous. But, Roderick and his sister are completely separated for a significant part of the time that the narrator is staying with them. Truthfully, how connected are the twins? When his sister dies, it seems like the opportunity for Roderick to gain freedom by burying her. According to Gale, there is a possibility that “Roderick’s malady is a psychological reaction to an incestual relationship with his sister” ( gale ). So, burying her would eliminate the “evil” that has lasted between them for an extended period of time. The death of his sister brings joy to him, which caused many folks to raise their eyebrows on the discussion of the twins bond. Losing Madeline is losing fifty percent of the remaining Usher family lineage, but since Roderick is “suffering the physical and emotional consequences,” he does not, truly, care about his sister ( Gale ). His mistakes lead to the point of where he cannot bear his sister anymore. Not only is the evil in the house, but it is also shared between Madeline and Roderick, and at this point, the family is beginning to deteriorate. The Usher family lineage is
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